Saturday, February 17, 2007

Religion, part two

And then there was the Daquiri Drive-Through shack filled to the brim with churning hurricanes, pina coladas, and bellinis in 36 ounce To Go cups. And we were in New Orleans where imbibing alcohol on the streets is encouraged.

And life became full of giggles... and beads.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow day, a memory, a birth and New Orleans

Today is a SNOW DAY! No work. Why I'm up doing email at 6:00AM I just don't know.

Today is Valentine's Day. Three years ago, I received a Valentine from my husband and first new that he "liked" me. Aww, how 6th grade. But, here we are married and happy - and about to leave for New Orleans to escape the frigid East.

This morning, I thought of last Valentine's Day. We were in a hospital saying goodbye to an extraordinary woman. We had spent the night before in the critical care unit, just below the maternity ward. Throughout the 18+ hours, we paced hallways, brought food, talked with friends and family, and crossed fingers and toes to cling to hope. That time was punctuated with strains of "Lullaby" from the hospital loudspeaker announcing to the world every new birth on the floor above us. I remember thinking of new life even when one was so close to leaving.

This Valentine's day began when I opened the email annoucing the birth of little Ethan. I cried for joy for Shalen and Pat. And then I shed tears of sadness for Remi who lost her mom last year on this day.

Later today, Oliver will arrive into this world for Amy and Travis.

The cycle continues.

Death, birth, renewal, and hope - what miserable and wonderful things. Life is too short, too serious most of the time. The only thing left to do is celebrate it all. Starting tonight, I plan to drink and flash with my husband, best friend, and Aunt in New Orleans. We will be celebrating those we lost last year (in order) - Sally, Claudia's dad, my great-gram and co-conspirator Ruth, Bettina's dad, Uncle Dave, Uncle Larry, and Gene.

In the crowd, we'll see their faces and our memories.

And I'll have some King Cake for you, because all the drinking I do is going to be for me.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Twenty five reasons I love you...

25. Your disdain for Brussels Sprouts and all cooked vegetables.
24. Your love of salads.
23. The look on your face when you see a baby.
22. That you don't snore.
21. Your sense of adventure.
20. Your sporadic dancing for no reason.
19. Your sporadic singing (and making up your own lyrics) for no reason.
18. Your sweet laugh.
17. Your stories about history - you seem to know all the "behind the scene" stories for every major event in American and British history (actually, for most locales and cultures), in addition to your knowledge of most world religions.
16. The way you want to help people - especially older ones.
15. Your big heart, brain, and well, your big feet.
14. Your excitement over the little things - and the big things too.
13. The way you can just relax, and how you try to get me to do the same.
12. You share my love of pirates, harry potter, books, travel, art, hardwood floors and shoes.
11. Your patience.
10. Your ability to always win at Roulette, unless I am around.
9. That you love me unconditionally even though I drive you absolutely nuts most of the time.
8. How you make up "Would You Rather" scenarios as well.
7. That you write stories in your head.
6. Your endless adoration of Elvis.
5. That you always are thinking of what would make me happy.
4. How you care for and love your family.
3. That you live in your PJ's, but love suits just as much.
2. That you clean up after the dog when I don't want to.
1. Who you are and who you will be.

Happy 25th Birthday, my husband.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


And then there was a dirty vodka martini. Four perfectly ripened large olives, a single straw snaked through their green flesh. Smooth Ketel One sullied with a splash of salty green.

And all was right with the world.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gaming, gamers, games, GAWD!

Commodore 64. Nintendo. The paddle. The Pacman table at the pizza parlor.

I loved the joystick. Still do.

While I do realize the blips, bleeps, and limited graphics are six feet down in the video game graveyard, I miss them. I miss the simplicity of the challenge on old video games - eat small pellets, avoid the ghosties, eat bouncing fruit and get to the next level. Jump over barrels, climb ladders, rescue the badly drawn girl from the big monkey. Do a triple tuck rolling dive into the pool at the Summer Olympics (does anyone else remember this game on the Commodore 64)? And my fave, typing in command prompts to find Dr. Livingston. We had to presume it was him - there were no graphics at all on that game.

Video games today are alternate universes. Full bodied characters with tits more real than mine feel like they are practically in the room with you. Vampires, gang bangers, militia men, marines, monsters - is there any character off limits? If I let him, my husband would sit in front of the big screen TV blowing shit up in surround sound 24 hours a day.

My personal opinion of video games? They're a way for the powerless to be in virtual control, to feel omnipotent. They're the brain break for the millennial generation. (Why the hell does the millenial generation need a brain break? Even us X'ers weren't as lazy and flippant.) They are coping mechanisms. And they've evolved into complex, crazy worlds that we use to escape the complex, crazy world in which we live.

Still I must admit I do play Trivia on the X-Box upon occasion. And, I love Karaoke Superstar. And the boxing game at Jillian's where I put on boxing gloves, step under the sensors, physically dodge punches, throw right hooks and uppercuts, jump around a bit, punch my opponent in the gut, and then laugh as he erphs and ouphs and bleeds before he falls and I am celebrated as the victor. I like that one too.

With all these conflicting emotions, I embrace my upcoming trip to GDC07. The Game Developers conference is an orgy of companies showcasing the latest and greatest video game technologies. There are expos, presentations, workshops, and plenty of games to explore during the first full week of March in San Francisco.

And I'm plenty excited about the "I am 8-bit: version 2.007 Preview Exhibit" session. And the 5 days in San Francisco at the Serrano can't hurt.

Added bonus? I get to see Heather!

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