Thursday, December 16, 2004

And I thought I had problems

Eccentric British rock musician Genesis P-Orridge and his wife and partner, Lady Jaye Breyer, are gradually transforming themselves surgically into gender-neutral human beings ("pandrogynous") resembling each other, so that eventually they will be indistinguishable, to demonstrate how overrated gender is as a point of reference. (For example, he wore a lace dress at their wedding, and she dressed as a biker guy, with moustache, and for Valentine's Day 2003, each got breast implants.) P-Orridge told SF Weekly in October that their goal is to jointly become a third person, distinct from either of them.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

All you need is love

The BIG DAY is over. The months of planning were realized, the weather was perfect - the I Do's emotional and tear-jerking. The guests were charming (even those who went skivvy-dipping in the middle of the night). The resort was impeccable. The mini-honeymoon was too short. The pictures are being developed. Everything is so very perfect!

Now- reality. The marriage part is great - the aftermess atrocious.

Our apartment looks as if it has been hit by a wedding tornado. Scraps of paper, bits of sheer ribbon, gifts, thank-you's, cards, bags and throw-away cameras christen every corner and spare bit of floor space. The delicate ivory silk is crammed in a white plastic garmet bag on the floor of my guest room. That beautiful bouquet chosen oh-so-carefully by my sweet and wonderful husband is currently rotting on the counter of the guest bathroom. I have no idea where the guest book ended up and we haven't even started to send our love and gratitude to those who made the day so special.

No, I have no idea how we are going to get through all we have to do and move into our house at the end of the month. But, as the song goes, all you need is love. I can safely say we have plenty of that...

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