Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It would be great if...

I was currently drinking an Adios M-F'er on the shores of Bali.

I won the lotto 'cuz I wouldn't be one of those damn fools who loses it all and I'd invest it so that I could do something meaningful with my life like actually help people who need it.

If I could find enough time to write and not worry about working at a job that isn't truly my cup of java.

More people know who Thembi Ngubane is instead of insert favorite American idol dweeb here is. (though Kelly Clarkson does rock)

More people cared about the babies in Darfur than the babies that celebrities are spawning.

If Matthew McConaughey & I really had had a big adventure yesterday where we escaped this freaky tall guy named Robert who was trying to get us to turn all Mormon and not in a Big Love kind of way because he was attempting to drag us shoeless and screaming into a church with Jesus smiling down on us so we fled to a soccer picnic hosted by my best friend's father and right before we got there in view of everyone including my husband Mr. McCona-hottie kissed me and told me to stay beautiful just like in my dream last night. Goddamn he is hot.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Roxy is posting pics

Because she is too scatterbrained to write, Roxy wants you to contemplate this picture.

She thinks it says much about the framework of life - looking forward with a view of what has happened in the past.

However, she also thinks Hootie & The Blowfish may have been bordering on brilliant with their album title "Cracked Rear View."

On that note, happy Friday.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

gnawing at the ties that bind...

When I get the overwhelming urge to pack up my crap and move directly back to Virginia, I force myself to look at pictures like this and remember the Arizona sunsets I've seen first hand...

Then, I still want to move.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Grand affinity

The branches, once imbued with the rich brown hues of life, are now ashen and stark. Shadows shift and snake around the smooth contours. The tree, in its last stages of dying, is a beautiful and sad sight to behold.

Alasdair & I were lucky enough to see snow at the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago. Of course, after it snowed, it became exceedingly warm before falling into wintry mix. I love the unpredictable climate at a place that is so steadfast.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Touch of Gray

This weekend has been awesome.

Friday night, I reveled as my Boston-loving hubby was bashed and heckled by Yankees fans. Then, after the game as we were driving home, we watched as one of America's finest puked out the window down the side of his Air Force buddy's hatchback. The kid was in full dress regalia. He then exited the car in a McDonald's parking lot, reached for a tree to stabilize himself, and nearly fell over when he missed the branch.

Where was my cameraphone?

Today, we had to go to the place I hate the most. The mall. What a pit of gluttonous despair. We stayed long enough to laugh at a teenage girl who had brown hair with the top layers dyed a shocking platinum white. Who knew skunk was in this year? If I spent more time in malls, perhaps I'd know this.

And, to cap it off, we just left the Arizona Sting game where our boys got skunked. Just like the girl with the platinum hair, it was disgusting to behold.

However, I finally bought me some Sufjan Stevens and I've been rocking out Roxy style to "Chicago" which I must say is a fine piece of music genius. Actually, my stellar day has been made possible by awesome music everywhere we went. When we stopped for lunch, Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown" was on. I sang "Mercedes Benz" on my way out of the DMV. And, while I peed in the ladies room at the game tonight, I ruled my stall by singing and toilet-swaying to the Grateful Dead. I stayed for the whole song, and then had to stay even longer because "Pink Houses" came on.

I rocked the whole bathroom.

Oh yeah.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

In the 21st Century

In my business class last week, we briefly discussed immigration policy. I asked my students to put aside their personal feelings about immigration, and look at the pros and cons of the core issue from a business perspective.

After debating taxes, guest worker visas, social programs, wage fluctuations, diversity, the service industry, and American expectations, I think everyone was truly thinking about the issue.

Any personal feelings put aside, business in this country was founded by immigrants. It has been sustained by immigrants. It will continue to evolve because of immigrants.

Only one of the reasons why the government should be paying attention to immigration policy - not just a bill that criminalizes the act of illegal entry. What about the big picture?

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